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About The RMBOA

The River Murray Boat Owners Association (RMBOA) of South Australia is a group who enjoy the Murray for its beauty, wildlife, vegetation, recreational qualities and priceless value to our country. Our
code of practice is designed so that we do not degrade these qualities or negatively impact on other river users.

We are perhaps best known for conducting the biennia
l "River Ramble". This event is not a race and is conducted at a leisurely and civilised pace. The Ramble is aimed at displacement vessels and only travels about 20 to 40 kilometres a day, which gives crews ample time to enjoy the river views; meet old, or make new, friends; and perhaps get a feeling for the history of the river. The always-colourful fleet is made up of all types of
vessels from luxury houseboats to modest tinnies, or even kayaks!
Four times a year (in non Ramble years) we conduct informal "Mini Ambles". These Mini-Ambles may include the Annual General Meeting or the Christmas Party on the riverbank.
The RMBOA represents its members to government organisations such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Department of Water, the Department of Transport, Energy and Infrastructure (DTEI) and SA Planning.

The RMBOA supports environmental responsibility, but resists unreasonable or impractical controls and regulations that will divide river users and diminish enjoyment of the river for all.

Our aims and objectives as set out in the constitution are:

  • To assist in protecting the River Murray and its environs from all forms of damage, pollution and destruction by the education and self-discipline of all who use it.

  • To communicate with members and boat owners by keeping them informed of relevant developments.

  • To liaise with governments and their instrumentalities, and other relevant organisations having any form of control or interest in the river and its environment.

  • To arrange, manage and co-ordinate functions of recreation, education and conservation surrounding the river, to benefit members and other users of the river.

Why not click the membership button on the left, read about our philosophy in more depth and send off a membership form. New members are very welcome!!
If you have any enquiries feel free to contact the Secretary:
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