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Current Level Information

The RMBOA graphs below plots the river level against the nominal pool levels to make it easier to see whether the level is above or below the normal level.

Longitudinal Section of River Murray System

NOTE: The status of the river shown by the colours only reflects the latest information supplied to the RMBOA from river users and may not reflect the current state of the river Use this information at your own risk.

The RMBOA Voyage Planning Guide, which is part of the RMBOA Membership Pack, provides more information about the Lock and Bridge operating times.

Murray River Conditions At A Glance
 Updated Friday  03-July-2015.
Murraylands Forecast : Riverland Forecast : Warnings for South Australia
Colour Legend
  Lock Closed; or Danger in Area
River flow above 60 Gigalitres per day
  Caution Required / Bridge not opening
River flow above 30 Gigalitres per day
  No identified issues in the area
Live River Data

NOTE: SA Water has changed the river levels data used for the normalised river level graphs. These graphs will not be updated until the RMBOA software is also updated.
River Distance: 0km
Murray River Mouth
Status: OPEN during daylight hours. Sandbars in Murray Mouth region. (See below)
River Distance: N/A
The Lakes
Levels & Salinity
River Distance: N/A
Tauwitchere Lock
Phone: 8555 3040

River Distance: 8km
Goolwa Lock
Status: OPEN
Phone: (08) 8555 2046
            0408 813 729
River Distance: 12km
Goolwa WDS
River Distance:  112 km
Murray Bridge
River Level

River Distance:  112 km
Murray Bridge WDS
River Distance:  150 km
River Level
River Distance:  150 km
Mannum WDS
River Distance: 208km
Walker Flat WDS
River Distance: 246 km
Swan Reach
River Level
River Distance: 246 km
Swan Reach WDS
River Distance: 274 km
Lock1: Blanchetown
Downstream : Upstream
(100mm below pool - see below)
Phone: (08) 8540 5001
River Flow

River Distance: 274 km
Blanchetown WDS
River Distance: 319km
Morgan WDS
River Distance: 362 km
Lock 2: Waikerie
Downstream : Upstream
(Potential Level Rise - See below)
Phone: (08) 8543 2246

River Distance: 382 km
Waikerie WDS
River Distance: 382 km
River Level

River Distance: 431 km
Lock 3 WDS
River Distance: 431 km
Lock 3: Overland Corner: Downstream : Upstream
Phone: (08) 8588 7005
River Distance: 489 km

River Level

River Distance: 516 km
Lock 4: Bookpurnong
Downstream : Upstream
Phone: (08) 8582 1388
River Distance: 524km
Berri WDS
River Distance: 562 km
Lock 5: Renmark
Downstream : Upstream
(Potential Level Rise - See below)
Phone: (08) 8595 5114
River Flow
River Distance: 564 km
Paringa Bridge Opening Bridge

Phone: 0408 955 322
Closed Height = 3.6 metres
River Distance: 566 km
Renmark WDS
River Distance: 617 km
Lock 6 WDS
River Distance: 620 km
Lock 6: Murtho
Downstream : Upstream
Phone: (08) 8595 8025

River Distance:
River Level

River Flow

River Distance: 697 km
Lock 7: Rufus River
Downstream : Upstream
Status: OPEN

Phone: (03) 5027 8225
River Distance: 726 km
Lock 8: Wangumma
Downstream : Upstream
Sandbars between Locks 7&8

Phone: (03) 5027 8231
River Distance: 765 km
Lock 9: Kulnine
Downstream : Upstream
Phone: (03) 5028 2235
River Flow
River Distance: 825 km
Lock 10: Wentworth
Downstream : Upstream
Phone: (03) 5027 3190
River Flow
River Distance: 836 km
Wentworth WDS
River Distance: 878 km
Lock 11: Mildura
Downstream : Upstream
Status: CLOSED
(See below for possible passage times in July)

Phone: (03) 5023 1396
River Distance: 1110 km
Lock 15: Euston
Downstream : Upstream
Pool Height Changes (see below)

River Flow
River Distance: 1228km
Boundary Bend
 River Level

River Flow
River Distance: 1285 km
Wakool Junction
River Level

River Flow
River Distance: 1629 km
Lock 26: Torrumbarry Weir
River Information

Phone: (03) 5487 7221
River Distance: 1992km
Yarrawonga Weir
River Information
Lower Murray River
Depth Profile
(Normalised to pool level)
Lake Victoria Lake Level, Inflow, Outflow, Storage River Flow
into South Australia
Summary of Media Releases issued by the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR), the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) and Murray Basin Authority (MDBA) released 03rd July 2015.

Flow Outlook
The flow at the South Australian border is approximately 6.0 GL/day and will increase to around 9.2 GL/day during the coming week.

The flow over Lock 1 is approximately 4.3 GL/day and will increase to around 8.0 GL/day during the coming week.

Barrage Operations And Water Levels In The Lower Lakes
The water level in Lake Alexandrina is approximately 0.68 m AHD and Lake Albert is approximately 0.71 AHD. The higher water level in Lake Albert is due to wind effects.



Murray River Mouth and Coorong
Dredging operations at the Murray Mouth commenced on 9 January 2015 to maintain connectivity (exchange of water) between the river and the Southern Ocean. Dredges are currently operating in the Tauwitchere and Goolwa Channels.

Mariners are reminded that navigation through the Murray Mouth is only permitted during daylight hours and that Exclusion Zones established around the dredging operations remain in place to ensure public safety.

Lock 1
The Lock 1 weir pool is approximately 0.1 m below the normal pool level of 3.2 m AHD to enable engineering investigations to be undertaken at the weir.

Remedial works on the lock chamber also commenced on 20 May 2015. These works are expected to be completed around mid-September 2015. Lock 11 will be closed to navigation during this period.

Lock 2 & Lock 5
DEWNR is currently considering raising Locks 2 and 5 weir pools during spring to slightly above their normal operating range. It is anticipated that the weir pools may be raised up to 0.5 m above full supply level, or 0.2 m (at Lock 2) and 0.37 m (at Lock 5) above the maximum normal operating range. The aim is to mimic historic natural water level variability, which has been largely lost through river regulation. The objective is to promote a range of ecological function benefits.

Yatco Lagoon
The relocation of pump offtakes from Yatco Lagoon to the River Murray is now completed.

Katarapko Floodplain, Murray River National Park
Construction works are continuing on the Katarapko Floodplain. Road and waterway access restrictions are in place at Eckert Creek Log Crossing. The construction works will improve water flow and movement of native fish through Eckert Creek. Works are due for completion by end of July 2015. For further information on the Katfish Reach Project please refer to the following website: http://katfish.org.au/

Lock 11

Boat owners at Mildura may have a small window of opportunity in mid-July to move their boats across the Mildura weir, before work begins to reinstall the weir following a successful upgrade.


Lock 11 will remain closed for refurbishment, so this will be the only opportunity for boat operators to shift their vessels up or downstream until the lock reopens in mid-September 2015.


Work to reinstate the weir will start on Wednesday 15 July 2015, and is expected to take up to two weeks as the weir's trestles are positioned and the weir pool is raised. The weir pool is planned to be back to normal full supply level (34.40 metres AHD) by the end of July.


Boat operators who wish to move their vessels upstream or downstream may be able to pass over the sill of the weir in the days prior to the weir being re-instated, in the following period: 9.00am Sunday 12 July until 2.00pm Tuesday 14 July 2015


It is expected that at the currently forecast river  levels, the depth over the weir's concrete base is expected to be about 1.5 meres.


Long Term River Levels and Flows

The data used to generate the graphs above is held in a database. Graphs of the levels and flows over the longer term can be found here.


River Flow Classifications

The South Australian Government classification system for River Murray flows can be found here.

The RMBOA ceases river functions when the River Flow is expected to be in excess of 30,000ML/day because of the difficulties in mooring a fleet of boats close together.

What is "pool level"?
Under normal conditions, the locks along the lower Murray River cause the river to form into a series of pools between the locks. The pool level is the height above sea level of the surface of the water in those pools. To allow river users to see whether the river level is above or below normal, the river levels in the RMBOA graphs are normalised around the pool level. That is, if the river river is the normal pool level, it will show as 0 metres. If it is above the normal level, the reading will be positive and if it is below the normal level, it was be shown as being negative. On the river level graphs, the pool level is shown as a yellow horizontal line.

What Does The "Depth Profile" show?
The depth profile represents the normalised depth of the river along its length in South Australia. If all the levels along  the river were at pool level, it would be a straight line as the normal  height variations would be removed. The vertical lines that are usually seen on the graph represent the weirs. Although in a flood, the water level above and below each weir is the same, the profile graph will show a large jump as there is a large difference between the normal level below the lock and the current level.

Note: The pool level for below Lock 4 has been adjusted by 0.26 metres to better reflect the readings actually obtained over the long term.

River Murray Flow Advice

The Department of Water is providing weekly bulletins about the flow in the Murray River from Lock 9 to Murray Bridge. The advice is issued each Friday on their news page. Further information can be obtained by phoning (08) 8595 2299 for a recorded message.

Murray Darling Weekly Report

The Murray Darling Basin Authority provides a weekly status report on the basin. This provides a wide range of information from across the entire basin.
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